Place your Copyright Notices in the Zephyr

We are a secular newspaper of general circulation authorized and approved to publish all legal notices as determined by the laws of the State of Illinois.

The Basic Package is $165 total.
It Includes:

Your Copyright Notice published four times.

Tear sheet showing actual notice upon first publication.

Four signed Certificates of Publication upon completion.

Additional tear sheets, copies of The Zephyr or Certificates of Publication are $1 each.

We are not lawyers and can give no legal advice as to the content of your notice or to the applicability or legality of it. We make no promises other than to publish your notice in The Zephyr and provide the Certificates of Publication. The basic notice is roughly 1,350 words and is published in 6-point Arial Narrow type. It is small but readable. Download a Microsoft Word© file of a fictitious sample typical Copyright Notice or an Adobe Acrobat© file of the same fictitious document to see what it looks like as printed in The Zephyr. We can take the copy of your notice as an email attachment in Word© format or you can mail us a CD or floppy disk to the address below. We will accept hard copies by mail or fax but it increases the chance of a typographical mistake. Payment is expected in advance and don't forget that we need a name and address to send your tear sheet and certificates.
Payment information:
Email your name, address and a credit card number (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover) with expiration date and billing address to:, or fax it to (309) 342-2728.
...or send your name, address and a check or money order to:

The Zephyr
Post Office Box One
Galesburg, Illinois 61402-0001

Thank you.

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Last modified June 30, 2003.