Knox County Spotlight by Carl H. Tannert, Jr.

Galesburg leaves no one behind

A cohesive community of bipartisan Positive Thinkers in this day and age is, indeed, a rarity. A cohesive Main Street community of neighbors helping neighbors to build a better way of life for everyone is unique. Happily, Galesburg is both and, despite a minority of whiners and the reality of tough times foisted upon the area by the dishonesty of Corporate America, we all are very fortunate to live in a resilient community where people do care about people, without the usual political, ethnic or religious qualifiers found across our nation. The spirit of goodness is alive and well in our area and you can be assured that we will not allow anyone to be left behind.

People throughout Knox County are fantastic. They are tough and resilient and they really care about each other. They possess the cohesive, dynamic, positive attitude it takes to turn problems into opportunities. I hope you are one of them because, together, we will make our community better and stronger and we’ll do it in the not-to-distant future.

This week we shine a positive spotlight on a wonderful NIGHT OF OPTIMISM, an event that typifies why our community will never lose its vitality or its prosperity. A Night of Optimism, the brainchild of Jack Larson and Hal DeVore, will encompass a family evening of free food, entertainment and fellowship and it is being done to show those who have been adversely affected by the greed and betrayal of the big corporations that they and their families are not alone in these trying times; that they have an entire, caring community behind them.

>>AN OPEN INVITATION>>> The Congregation of the First Presbyterian Church extends a warm invitation to all who have been affected by The Great Corporate Betrayal to join them in a special, joyful, positive Night of Optimism that will include a family dinner, musical entertainment, a lot of fun, good fellowship and maybe a surprise or two. So make sure that you and your entire family are there:

When: Saturday Night, September 18th, at 6:30pm

Where: The First Presbyterian Church, 101 North Prairie Street, Galesburg, IL

What’s Required: The evening is completely free but the Church has informed us that those planning to attend must make reservations by September 6th by calling the church office at 342-1200. They have planned on serving 100 guests for this event, so please call and reserve space for you and your family.

Dinner: Is provided, compliments of the First Presbyterian Church. There will be 8 diners per table and a team of two waiters to each table will serve the meal. They tell us most of you will recognize your wait persons as they are from among the many community leaders who want you to know that they are with you.

Entertainment: Great music will be provided by Dan Leahy and his Roundhouse Gang, a barbershop chorus of noted voices.

Surprise Or 2: The MC for the evening will be Dick Johnson and you’ll have to wait to hear him to find out.

I tip my hat to the men and women who lift their half-full glasses to toast a bright future and especially to the many who are walking the walk, together, to get things done. I hope that many will come to join hands at the special Night of Optimism on September 18th, especially those who may have sagging spirits. This night provides an opportunity for all to meet fellow workers and their families, the many community leaders and citizens who are working hard to build a better community for you and your family. Together, we’ll all be back on track sooner than you may think. Thanks again to the First Presbyterian Church and all those who have made this special event possible.

You may contact Carl Tannert at CTANNERT2000@YAHOO.COM or write to him at the Zephyr.