Islamic Fascism         by Richard W. Crockett


President Bush made a statement the other day characterizing the Islamic radicals as “Islamic Fascists.” He employed the term “fascists,” I believe, for a reason: He wanted to convey the image of complete evil in his characterization of Hezbollah. The term, “fascism” does that. Fascism has been characterized as a “revolution of Nihilism” which is a revolution without a doctrine, and as such it is a “revolt against reason.” One fascist writer in England claimed it is a “real insurrection — an insurrection of feeling — a mutiny of men against the conditions of the modem world.” While these characterizations do not give fascism an ideology, they do emphasize an important aspect of fascism, and of radical Islam. They are driven by “feelings” and seem to repudiate "reason" in contacts with their adversaries.

The repudiation of reason is like “thinking with the blood,” e.g., passion, hot tempered, emotionally responding with their feelings. It is antagonistic toward “reason,” rational calculation, and the tolerance of ambiguity required for success in all politics and diplomacy. People who “think with their blood” cannot be dislodged from their views. Their adherence to their position is because of their anger at perceived historical injustices or unresolved grievances. The process is one of emotion, not cognition, hatred, not reconciliation, and it rejects logic and evidence.

I have a point of agreement with President Bush, which is rare for me. I believe that the term, “Islamic fascist” is a fair characterization of Islamic radicalism. It is in a very real sense for the Islamic radicals a revolt against the conditions of the modem world. This is true for the Islamic radical whether it be regarding the modem geographic location of a Jewish state, or the Taliban-like subjugation of women, or even modern trends toward a secularization of culture. The Islamic radical like the fascist repudiates doctrine in favor of methodology, repudiates order in favor of organization, repudiates reason in favor of passion, repudiates deliberation in favor of action, repudiates truth in favor of myth, repudiates secularism in favor of faith, repudiates republicanism, democracy, socialism and liberalism in favor of a “will to power,” and finally, repudiates the traditions of Western Civilization in favor of a revolt against the conditions of the modem world.