It is my belief that my present condition should not cause me to be a silent victim of crime.

At this time the crime committed against me is a government secret and it appears that it was committed by policemen and public officials.

It may be necessary to talk about this publicly to make sure that my family and my lawyers and their families are safe and secure.

Unfortunately, sometimes when policemen and public officials are concerned about their careers or being convicted of a crime they can get extremely violent and harm innocent people.

My experience in the Militia the last five years has shown me that by not participating in government secrecy and by exposing secrets which may cause danger, it is possible to eliminate or lessen the danger. In this instance exposure would cause the public spotlight to shine on any unusual accident which a loved one might suffer.

One advantage in the Militia concept is that a Militia brother is not alone in his service to the United States Constitution. That advantage may be one reason why I am still alive. I am thankful to God for my life.

The evidence seems to indicate that the following crimes were committed against me: Eavesdropping, Conspiracy to Commit Eavesdropping, Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy to Commit Obstruction of Justice. It is necessary to state a few facts to explain how I was victimized.

On June 3rd, as I was walking past the Public Safety Building in Galesburg, the Knox County Sheriff and the Galesburg Police Chief stopped me to talk. They asked some questions about a public demonstration which I had planned for June 17th. The conversation started about 9:15 and lasted about an hour.

I had previously planned a number of ''practice walks'' in Galesburg and Monmouth and I notified police in both cities that I would do this, explaining where and when I would walk.

So, on June 3rd after visiting with the Sheriff and Chief in Galesburg, I went to Monmouth to conduct a ''practice walk'' there. Two policemen were waiting for me there. As I got out of my car the Warren County Sheriff and a man who would be sworn in as the Monmouth Police Chief walked over to me. Chief Gary Morefield may not have been a peace officer on June 3rd, which may make his conduct questionable.

They also wanted to ask questions about my June 17th demonstration. Their questions were remarkably similar to those asked by Sheriff Thompson and Chief Schlaf. This might indicate an agreement or conspiracy by officials in two counties to attempt to get me to break the law.

On June 15th, I was arrested for talking to the Knox County Sheriff and the Galesburg Police Chief. During our June 3rd conversation Chief Schlaf had worn a ''bodywire'' and another unseen policeman recorded our conversation on tape.

After my arrest, in accordance with the law, police delivered to me a notice that I had been the subject of an eavesdropping warrant. I waited for such a notice from Warren County, but no such notice arrived.

There are two state laws related to eavesdropping. 720-ILCS-5/14-33 requires that notice be given to any eavesdropping subject within 60 days after the event or after his arrest. 725-ILCS 5/108A-8 gives authorities 90 days. The second law also allows for a time extension or continuance. Unlawful eavesdropping is a Class 4 felony.

Evidence that eavesdropping occurred in Warren County arrived when Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Gherna indicated that tapes of a June 3rd conversation with me as a subject, in Monmouth, do exist. It seems like those tapes were in the possession of the Illinois State Police.

It is possible that members of the Illinois State Police falsely stated that they were continuing to investigate me in order to conceal or keep secret the eavesdropping tapes. Such an act may be ''unlawful eavesdropping'' and ''obstruction of justice'' (720-ILCS-5/31-4).

Hard evidence exists that eavesdropping occurred for which no legal notice has been given to me. Since some individuals may have participated in concealing or keeping court evidence secret, that may be considered obstruction of justice which is also a felony. Since a group of people may have cooperated in committing a felony, that may be conspiracy (720-ILCS-5/8-2).

Perpetrators of unlawful eavesdropping and/or conspiracy to commit eavesdropping and/or obstruction of justice and/or conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice may include: the judge who signed the eavesdropping warrant, Warren County Sheriff Hart, Police Chief Gary Morefield, unknown Illinois state policemen. It may be possible that States Attorney Albert Algren had primary knowledge of or participated in these crimes. Also, the following people may have participated in or had knowledge of the above crimes but did not come forward with the information: Police Chief John Schlaf, States Attorney Paul Mangieri, FBI Agent Gerald Gary Karns, Knox County Sheriff Thompson. There are other suspects also.

Presently a second judge has the tapes in his possession to decide what should be done with them.

Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Gherna may have made a mistake or two at the expense of other citizens. However, Ms. Gherna may have risked her career and her future to properly state that eavesdropping evidence does exist. She is a very good person and I wish there were more public officials like her.

I would now like to file a complaint against any and all perpetrators. Since local, state and federal cops may be suspects, I am forced to present this information to the general public. If there is an honest policeman with courage, I wish that he would help me.

Dan W. Shoemaker
Knox County Jail

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