June 1, 2000

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by Captain Dan Shoemaker

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? On June 17, a demonstration of freedom is scheduled to be conducted by Capt. Dan Shoemaker. Shoemaker will wear his Militia uniform and carry weapons while taking a walk in the center of Galesburg and Monmouth. The demonstration will begin at 9:00 AM near the square in Galesburg. If everything remains the same the demonstration in Monmouth will begin at about 10:15 AM in the block south of the public safety building on Main Street.


Even though this is intended to be a nonviolent demonstration, physical intervention by government agents or perhaps by others may cause this to be a violent event. The information in this report is intended to prevent such an unfortunate occurrence.

WHY IS THIS SO LEGALLY CONTROVERSIAL? Illinois law tightly controls or prohibits the carrying of deadly weapons. If the U.S. Constitution was not present to protect Shoemaker, Illinois law would indicate that carrying weapons by a citizen is a felony law violation. In some other states this demonstration would be legal without question.

WHAT IS THE GOAL OF THIS DEMONSTRATION? On June 10, at the 5th annual public meeting of the Western Illinois Militia, Capt. Shoemaker will announce that members of the Western Illinois Militia have the uninfringed right to keep and to bear arms. This right is derived from the second amendment to the U. S. Constitution and is available to members of this Militia for the reasons detailed in this report. The purpose of this political activity is to take back a small amount of freedom. It should be clearly understood that we are not attempting to do anything new. This constitutional freedom has always existed and the Militia is simply claiming it now. The Militia is not attempting to claim this right for all citizens of Illinois. Capt. Shoemaker believes that his abilities are limited to simply claiming this freedom only for members of the Western Illinois Militia. It should be noted that membership in this Militia is open to all sincere Illinois citizens. Therefore other citizens may enjoy their second amendment freedom by joining the Western Illinois Militia.

WHAT DOES THE SECOND AMENDMENT SAY? ''A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.''

WHY IS THIS A TEST FOR THE GOVERNMENT? All domestic governments must be subordinate to the Constitution of the United States. No domestic government can govern outside of or in a superior way to the U. S. Constitution. NO GOVERNMENT CAN DENY CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM TO ITS CITIZENS. Government officials and policemen take an oath and swear to ''support the Constitution of the United States.'' At this time it is being demonstrated why that loyalty oath is mandated for the police and government leaders. Current Illinois law denies easy access for most citizens to enjoy their second amendment freedom. Currently only policemen in Illinois enjoy the uninfringed ability to carry weapons. So this demonstration will determine in a public way whether or not Illinois is a police state.

Domestic governments which work to halt this demonstration or penalize Shoemaker for his participation can be said to have failed in their responsibility to uphold and be loyal to the U. S. Constitution.

Individual government agents and leaders whether they be policemen, judges, states attorneys, the attorney general or the governor, who may attempt to stop this demonstration of Constitutional Freedom may have to address the issue of whether or not they are committing treason and are breaking their oath of loyalty to the U. S. Constitution.

WHAT MAKES THE WESTERN ILLINOIS MILITIA A VALID AND WELL REGULATED MILITIA? This Militia has been in existence since 1995. In 1996 we became a public access Militia. Later, as the officer's corps inside the Militia was developed, membership was opened up to any Illinois resident. The Western Illinois Militia has a 5 year record of existence. Beginning in 1996 we held one annual public meeting each year. The Government has been able to address the Militia at each of these meetings. For 5 years the government has shown acceptance of our existence as a citizen's Militia. This Militia has worked hard to insure continuous existence, to develop good officers, and to develop good policy.

THESE THINGS PROVIDE FOR A WELL REGULATED MILITIA FROM INSIDE THE MILITIA: 1. Each member swears an oath to support and defend the U. S. Constitution. 2. Each member must complete an application form to enter. 3. Each member must sign a basic enlistment agreement to join. This includes an agreement to abide by all Militia policy and to follow orders in accordance with that policy. 4. Each member must sign an agreement not to spy on, sabotage, or disperse the Militia. 5. The stated goal of this Militia is to support and defend the U. S. Constitution and to work to restore constitutional Liberty. 6. This Militia has a moral code of conduct which prohibits purposely causing harm to noncombatants or innocent people. Each member agrees to abide by this code of conduct. 7. Officers are democratically elected or approved annually in accordance with internal policy. 8. External policy was implemented in 1996. This policy limits the conduct of members. It prohibits members from participating in any attempt to overthrow the United States Government. It prohibits members from attempting to harm the President of the United States. It regulates the Militia in other ways. 9. Internal policy was implemented in 1998. This further regulates the conduct of officers and members in their conduct inside the Militia. It provides for the best possible response to emergencies, etc. 10. One or more Militia officers has always been available to communicate with government agents or leaders since 1996.


1. The federal, state, and local governments provide oversight for the Western Illinois Militia in a variety of ways. Throughout the history of this Militia this oversight has often been antagonistic and harsh. The fact that the Western Illinois Militia still exists and has not been dispersed by the government indicates that it has survived an intense, informal regulatory process. 2. The state and federal governments routinely conduct surveillance directed at this Militia thereby regulating it and providing oversight. 3. The state government routinely lists every known member of the Western Illinois Militia on the Illinois State Police computer as, ''considered armed and dangerous.'' If this is not a process used to regulate the Militia, then it is in violation of the Illinois State Constitution. 4. Some members of this Militia possess Illinois F.O.I.D cards (firearms owner identification). This is an obvious regulatory action by the state government. Our policy does not mandate the possession of this card for membership as it may be an infringement of our right to keep and bear arms.

All of these things work together to cause the Western Illinois Militia to be a ''well regulated Militia.''

THE STATE OF ILLINOIS MUST ALLOW THE EXISTENCE OF A WELL REGULATED CITIZEN'S MILITIA BECAUSE IT HAS NOT PROVIDED EASY PUBLIC ACCESS TO A STATE SPONSORED MILITIA. To deny the existence of a well regulated citizen's Militia would mean denying Illinois citizens their second amendment rights.

In other words, if the police are the only class of citizen in Illinois who have the uninfringed right or ability to keep and bear Arms, then by constitutional definition, Illinois is a Police State.

WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN ON JUNE 17th? This Demonstration of Freedom occurs on the anniversary date of the battle of Bunker Hill. In that battle American Militia volunteers fought enemies of Freedom. Out of this battle comes the American expression, ''Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!''

The following reasons may cause police to detain or kill Capt. Dan Shoemaker on, before, or after June 17:

1. Police may desire to enforce the letter of the law without using their discretion to allow for the exercise of constitutional freedom. 2. If an effort is made to detain Shoemaker, he will resist. This would cause an escalation of events until the established government forces prevail.


The following reasons may cause police not to detain or kill Capt. Dan Shoemaker on, before, or after June 17:

1. Police and other government officials may be loyal to the U. S. Constitution and therefore desire to allow the exercise of constitutional freedom. 2. Police and other officials desire that their local area should remain peaceful and should not be turned into a smoking battlefield. 3. Police and other officials know and understand that if they make a mistake this demonstration might turn into a national or international news event. 4. Shoemaker will conduct this demonstration alone. Police may not be sure how the rest of the Militia would react to Shoemaker's death or detention. 5. There are others in the general population who may react with deadly force if Shoemaker is killed in a direct effort to take back our freedom. These potential shooters remain unknown to the police. 6. Police leaders and especially the FBI are concerned that a political dissident leader and author like Capt. Shoemaker might be turned into a martyr. From their point of view this would be counter productive. 7. Policemen recognize that they hired on to be policemen and not soldiers. They may prefer not to get involved with hunting a man who will hunt them if provoked. 8. Some policemen fear God. Dan Shoemaker is openly stating that to the best of his personal discernment, he believes that God wants him to conduct this demonstration of freedom. Some policemen are concerned that even if Shoemaker is subdued or killed, that there is no way they can win such a confrontation. 9. Police and other officials may hope to down play this demonstration hoping it will be a quiet event. Certainly, Shoemaker hopes it will be a quiet, peaceful demonstration.

In November, 1999, something of a personal nature happened to Captain Dan Shoemaker which caused him to lose his fear of death. He understands that now is the time to take back our freedom.

Captain Shoemaker would like to state his appreciation to all members of the Western Illinois Militia, past and present. Their personal efforts have allowed the Militia to develop to the present state of readiness. Their support has encouraged Capt. Shoemaker to make his best effort.



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