Who created the mess?




As the election draws closer I must admit to a feeling of sadness. Why? The process of politics.

I make my living as a writer for organized labor, a group with an agenda no doubt. However, they pay me well to basically read and understand what I read. Thank you, Costa High School, Carl Sandburg College and Knox College. So with sadness I must report I am amazed at the level of deliberate misinformation. Seriously folks, and it’s not ‘equal,’ as in both sides practice this despicable method. The incredibly huge sums of money the Republicans are spending this election cycle doesn’t concern me in the slightest. What does concern me is the level of factual distortion.

A difference of opinion as to how to run the country, what direction to take the country, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc. is welcomed. But they are not arguing ideas. They are arguing personalities. It is so well known what Rep. Phil Hare was referring to when he said on tape he “didn’t care about the Constitution,” yet a television ad would have the viewer believe he was making a general statement about his feelings on the Constitution. Is that winning the argument, or stacking the deck?

I’ve noticed something else that skews the whole debate. When a Democrat attacks the factual basis for a Republican claim, that somehow makes the Democrat an “elitist.” The Republican will attack the Democrat’s personality, not their factual basis, but since no one wants more crime, or more bureaucracy, or more taxes or more – Joe or Jane Average will tend to agree. Clever marketing.

This election truly comes down to one simple question. If you did well economically or believe strongly in the policies put in place under President George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress, then of course vote for the Republicans. If you did not do well economically from 2001 forward, or lost your house, or lost your job, or your small business, or ??? Then you must question the wisdom of your choice. If you live on the loser side of the economic equation, then why would you vote to put those same people back in power who essentially created the mess we’re in now? Their tax cut policies didn’t work then or else the United States wouldn’t be in the economic mess it is, so why would those same policies work now?


Chris Stevens




Smaller government?




What does “smaller government and less spending” really mean?

When anyone running for political office says they want “smaller government and less spending,” what they really mean is they intend to hurt the poor in America. They intend to cut important programs to the poor people. It’s the same way in the state government as the federal government.

 If you are someone poor, don’t vote for a candidate that says that.


John Collopy




Why the anger?




A recent issue of Newsweek magazine ran an article on why 40-50 percent of Americans are angry and want to “take back their country.” The writers interviewed sociologists, political scientists and experienced politicians. The general consensus can be stated in one sentence. Americans are angry about the economy. Many are laid-off or have family that are out of work. Many are working two or three part time jobs but falling behind on bills, mortgages, and medical expenses. All of this is suffered in the surrealistic setting of Wall Street bailout recipients that now enjoy high salaries and rich bonuses.

Income inequality in America has broken a record for the greatest difference between upper management income and worker income. During the Great Depression the inequality was 15:1. It’s now 300:1. Is there little wonder that the middle class is angry? Layoffs are common; jobs are scarce.

So, why has this anger over the economy and income inequality taken a strange detour to peripheral issues that have little to do with the plight of the angry? Deficits, gun rights, health care reform, government spending, taxes, and government intervention are the new focus of the “madder than hell” public. All of which have changed little in the past ten years with the exception of health care reform which won’t kick-in until 2014. “Taking back their country” is the most popular cheer of this angry group, and what that means escapes me; they avoid explanation as vehemently as they would sipping skunk oil. The causes of high underemployment and falling income are wiped from their memory. Forgotten is the perpetrator; the Bush administration, that lowered taxes for the wealthy twice, started two unending wars, deregulated banking, the investment industry and home mortgage business. Many of these angry people are now unfairly blaming the recession on the current President; even the TARP bailout of banks, which was pushed through Congress by the Bush Administration months before Obama was elected.

The most interesting conclusion of the Newsweek story is that angry Americans are oblivious to facts, evidence, and economic realities. Instead their anger is further inflamed by the telling of truths. They believe what they want to believe and facts are fuel for more anger. This is not a climate that democracy survives in. Democracy can exist only as long as a majority of the people are informed, open-minded, and use modest amounts of intelligence when voting. American has regressed in the last decade, and it’s not the fault of George W. Bush, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich The fault lies with a political system they and those like them created. The ultimate fault belongs to voters who support sub-standard and corrupt politicians.


Ralph Ginn




Bordner for judge




I am writing to address letters to the editor written by Jerry Abbott and Lola Walters. In these letters, Mr. Abbott and Ms. Walters attacked Judge Steven R. Bordner with false representations about his statements in and out of the courtroom. I served as opposing counsel in the case Mr. Abbott and Ms. Walters refer to in their letters and was present at the courtroom exchanges of which they complain. Mr. Abbott’s representations about the nature of his involvement in the case and the occurrences in Judge Bordner’s courtroom are inaccurate, as are Ms. Walters’ fabrications about Judge Bordner “put[ting] a piece in the paper saying he didn’t need Fulton County. He was leaving.” Before the voters of the Ninth Circuit put any stock in what these two individuals say, they should consider their motives and biases.

I represented the sister of Mr. Abbott and Ms. Walters in Fulton County Case Number 00-CH-60, which is available for public inspection by anyone who wishes to examine the real facts of the case that these two litigants are still smarting over years later. The three siblings were co--trustees of their late mother’s trust. After the sale of a house in Fulton County, Mr. Abbott and Ms. Walters moved their mother’s funds to Texas and attempted to hide these assets from their sister. Both of them went through several attorneys before the case concluded, and engaged in conduct designed to delay proceedings and obstruct discovery.

At no time during the hearing in question did Judge Bordner state that because Mr. Abbott “no longer lived in Fulton County, the law applied to [him] differently and [Mr. Abbott] was not entitled to equal treatment.” No judge would ever say anything of this nature. This representation by Mr. Abbott is patently untrue. Mr. Abbott had been sanctioned by Judge Bordner for failure to provide my client and I with information and documentation to which we were entitled. Mr. Abbott’s attorney then withdrew from representing him due to his non-cooperation, and Mr. Abbott received a reasonable amount of time to obtain a new attorney. At this point, Mr. Abbott had gone through two different attorneys and delayed the case by several months. He went through two more attorneys thereafter before the case was settled. Mr. Abbott conveniently omits from his letter the fact that the settlement was not a function of some magnanimous gesture on his part, but rather a reaction to Judge Bordner issuing an injunction prohibiting Mr. Abbott from selling a piece of real estate he was holding in his own name in Texas which rightly belonged to his mother’s trust.

Judge Bordner’s willingness to enforce the law and make difficult decisions that might not be popular with litigants are among his strong points. Mr. Abbott endorses James Harrell because he supposedly will “make Fulton County ... the friendly and respectful place it is.” “Friendly” is a fine trait for a kindergarten teacher or a social worker. The truth is that an effective judge – one who is deciding difficult cases, administering the courts, and controlling a docket filled with parties who sometimes do not want the wheels of justice to turn – must be made of sterner mettle than someone whose strongest trait is “friendliness.”

When you go to the polls next month, I encourage you to vote for Judge Bordner. Ask yourself whether you would prefer a judge who has proven himself to be effective in difficult situations or one who is recommended to you by individuals who demonstrated themselves to be dishonest and obstructionist litigants. As an attorney practicing law in Judge Bordner’s courtroom for the past 15 years, I can unequivocally state that Judge Bordner’s demeanor is consistent and appropriate for the unique circumstances of each case. I urge you to vote for Judge Bordner when you go to the polls.


Andrewe W. Johnson




Hallam for Recorder




As a former Knox County Recorder of 13 years, retiring in 2008, I endorse Carol Anell Hallam to be the next Knox County Recorder of Deeds. Carol has been a dedicated employee in the Recorder’s Office for the last 20 years, 15 of which as the Chief Deputy Recorder. No candidate comes close to having the knowledge and expertise in running the office as efficiently or effectively as Carol.

I am not alone in thinking that Carol Anell Hallam is more than qualified in being the Knox County Recorder. When the former Recorder resigned from the office in April of this year, the Knox County Board appointed Carol as the Interim Recorder until which time as the Democratic Party could nominate a successor. During that time period, personnel decisions had to be made, a budget for the next fiscal year prepared as well as management of the day to day activities. To point out Carol’s dedication to her job and the office, she cut her vacation short when the issues with the former Recorder became public. She made sure that she was back in the office the following day so that there would be no interruption of service. That is dedication which you simply do not find today.

There has been talk recently of whether or not the Knox County Recorder of Deeds is a necessary position. The Recorder’s office is responsible for receiving and indexing all records pertaining to real estate in Knox County. Those records consist of Deeds, Mortgages, Easements, Plats, Surveys, Releases, Mechanics Liens and State or Federal Tax Liens, to mention a few. If those items are not indexed or properly maintained, then there is no way to prove ownership of real estate, encumbrances, security interests and/or dimensions or lot sizes of parcels of land for example. Considering that the office has generated just shy of $500,000 annually in gross revenue for the county over the last 3 years, does saving a few thousand dollars by eliminating the position make sense? I doubt that even the County Board would expect the County Clerk to take on additional responsibilities without additional compensation, thereby eliminating any savings.

Having worked with Carol for 18 of the 20 years she has been in the office, I personally know that she will continue the integrity of the office and of the records. Your vote for Carol Anell Hallam is appreciated.


Nancy J. McCune

Retired Knox County Recorder




Intelligent women


Dear Box:


An edition or two ago of The Zephyr, Barbara Schock wrote to Box One to share her belief the State of Illinois and those who govern it deserve credit. In contrast to the editorial and opposition carping, progress is being made in rehabilitating the state’s infrastructure and the restoration of public buildings, specifically the Capitol.

In his ignorance, Tim May sneered at Mrs. Schock’s observations. Of course, like Mrs. May, Mrs. Schock cares not a whit for Tim May’s opinions.

In part, his churlish remarks were in reaction to my expressions of sympathy for the long-suffering Mrs. May, to whom Tim owes so much for his comfort. Unless goaded, he is loathe to admit his debt.

In addition to his resentment at being reminded of his obligation to his wife, Tim, like so many aging white men, is made uncomfortable by intelligent women like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Before Speaker Pelosi ran for public office at age forty-seven, she raised five children. They were all adults before she put her name on the ballot. In spite of a relatively late start, she has succeeded spectacularly. White men of advanced years, like Tim, regard her accomplishments as a reproach to their own less-than-stellar achievements.

To be sure, it need not be someone so prominent as Speaker Pelosi to cause Tim to feel inadequate. Intelligent women like Mrs. Schock and Judith Squires have much the same effect on him.


Christian Schock




Fired from job




I want to thank my grandson’s boss for the lousy treatment she gave him. He lost his younger brother and his grandmother who he dearly loved in a three week time period, and she fired him from a job that he really loved helping people who need help. I just hope she can sleep at night.

I see that Phil Hare was in town to ask for union workers’ help. What he failed to mention was the millions of dollars he helped the Quad Cities get to get Amtrak in the Quad Cities. Isn’t that going to hurt the unions in lost jobs in Galesburg?


Jim Harrison




Paper products needed




This Saturday is official “Make a Difference Day,” and the Galesburg Altrusa Club will partner with Main Street Hy-Vee to celebrate the occasion. The Altrusa membership was surprised to learn that paper goods, such as toilet paper, diapers, and feminine products, are not eligible for purchase with government assistance cards. They are challenging anyone who shops for these products to Fill the Truck and Make a Difference.

Altrusa members will accept paper product donations Saturday from 9am to 1pm at the Main Street Hy-Vee. The supplies will be loaded into a waiting pick-up truck for delivery to FISH. They will then be distributed to area families in need.

Toilet paper, kleenex, diapers, and feminine products may not be eligible for purchase with food stamps, but they are certainly necessary. We hope providing these items will make life a little easier for some area residents.

The Altrusa Club regularly provides assistance to Galesburg-area charities, including scholarships, library and literacy projects, and food and shelter providers.


Sheryl Nyman

Altrusa service committee chairperson




Extreme leftists




I have covered this before, but must reiterate. Barack and Michelle Obama could not have sat together in the same pew in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “church” for 1,040 Sundays (20 years) without a lot of it sinking in. His anti-American, anti-white, hate filled rants must have reinforced some of their own beliefs.

He and leading extreme leftists of his ilk, Pelosi, Boxer, Durbin, et al are in a panic mode. They realize the voters are in a more realistic mood than in November, 2008. I can’t wait for the shake up in the House, Senate and especially governorships voters wake up to on November 3, 2010.

As for Kingston, Iowa, I know there was no “cab” station in that village of 90 (less now). My handwriting leaves much to be desired. My “gas” must have looked like a “cab.”


Larry Anderson




State pension funding




I decided it was time someone stepped forward with the truth about the theft of the Illinois State Pension Funds once and for all!

The State of Illinois has not matched the 8 percent pensioners had deducted from their paychecks each month since 1973! When people work for the state, we don’t pay into Social Security; unless she/he previously worked in the private sector. Some of us after working for thirty (30) years and then retire will or can live modestly on their pension. Some pensioners may decide to work part-time after retirement at something they enjoy doing, if they can find a job with a 10 percent unemployment rate.

Several articles have been written with regard to the state of the pension funds by Doug Finke, who writes for the State Journal-Register, an article on August 26, 2010 titled “State pension systems planning to sell assets to pay benefits ... “; Dennis Byrne, who writes for the Chicago Tribune, a Commentary on August 10,2010 titled “Pension check may not be in the mail... “; and Ralph Martire, Executive Director for the Center for Tax and Accountability, wrote an article in the State Journal--Register on August 11, 2010 titled “Pension debt a symptom of state’s problem – not cause.”

First of all, the money in the pension funds does not belong to the State of Illinois; it belongs to those employees/retirees who had 8 percent deducted from their paychecks each month! Contrary to what Mr. Byrne would like for you to believe, the Illinois State Constitution protects those pension funds by law! The Sidley opinion (which is an opinion only – not law) that Mr. Byrne writes about in his commentary in the Chicago Tribune with regard to the wording that “the State can become a ‘guarantor’ only under section 212-403 of the Illinois Pension Code.” Mr. Byrne calls the theft of the pension funds a “dark political tale,” borrowing, self-deception and lies. Mr. R. Eden Martin, President of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago (?), mentioned in the Commentary article, thinks everyone will have to sacrifice if we are to climb out of this nightmare with regard to the pension funds. Excuse me, we the pensioners did not create this problem! The article written by Ralph Martire made it perfectly clear that the pension fund money was being diverted and not deposited into the pension fund accounts. It is those legislators who diverted this money from the pension fund who should be sacrificing if we are to get out of this nightmare. You don’t reward bad behavior. I am thoroughly disgusted with the State of Illinois governing body. To date, the State of Illinois now owes the pension funds approximately $160 Billion. The amount continues to climb higher and higher!

Gentlemen, let me be perfectly clear with regard to being a voter and a taxpayer – First, I did not ask for a “guarantor” over my financial affairs regarding my pension since I am not senile; Second, I do not want my pension fund put into a 401K so it can be embezzled from me like the people at Enron who lost their life savings; Third, the State of Illinois governor, legislators, etc. should be communicating directly with the pensioners. To be perfectly blunt, I did not give my permission to have any of my pension fund diverted for any other purpose other than my pension. I hope the perpetrators who defrauded and looted my pension fund are embarrassed by my letter.

It doesn’t matter how you slice and dice this entire matter of fraud and larceny – it is still Theft of Our Pension Funds! It is obvious that our not so honest politicians want to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed to at our expense. The looters of the pension funds should take up residency in prison along with former Governor George Ryan.


Lynda Long-Fainter, Member Retiree

State University Retirement System

Rock Island



Socialistic government




To Lynn McKeown I would say thank you in your left handed way of explaining my point of our country being raped. This is very typical of some people to choose a word someone has used and attempt to give it the worst possible spin. The real truth is, as long as there are people that will seek out a racial attack in every word spoken, then the racial aspect can never be allowed to die. Black people will always feel put upon, and white people will always be afraid of saying what they think for fear of being called a racist. I share my ideas openly with several black friends and they talk openly with me. Every one of them were amazed at the attack by Judith Squires on me. They all agreed it was very thin minded attacks meant only to denigrate me, and that it had backfired sadly as far as they were concerned. Lynn, I never have denied being stupid so save your insults.

As I watch this President Obama it seems to me that as time goes by he becomes more and more desperate. He has proven as he has bungled along attempting to run this country that he is an educated person that has gotten in over his head. People that love him are still singing his praises about how charismatic, good looking and intelligent he is. They always leave out how arrogant and supercilious he is.

Something for nothing has always generated a certain amount of interest among any group of people you present it to. As the something for nothing scheme unfolds and the real price emerges people will tend to back away. It usually becomes clear that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. Well let’s face it, President Obama’s whole campaign was run on giving us something for nothing. There are those who still cling to this hope as is evident by all the polls taken lately.

The sad part to me is the willingness of Democrats to accept this socialistic approach to government knowing full well it is not what this great country was founded on. They appear to support this approach only because it won them big in the one election year with Obama. Now look at how they are turning their back on Obama simply because they are willing to support whichever way the wind chooses to blow. Free stuff has become much less important, people realize it is much more lasting to work for and earn what they want. What really hurts is the more than large amounts of money President Obama has been allowed to manipulate. Manipulate rather than spend because billions of dollars of that first stimulus money is still lying unspent, well unspent as far as we the public knows.

This has been a real nice week for me, we spent the weekend in a Sheraton Inn in Augusta, Georgia and it was pretty nice. The rooms were nice and the coffee was pricy but all in all it was a nice stay. Another grandson, not the one that got married last week, was the lead actor in a play and of course we had to be there. It showed many times, so we went to the last showing. Generally all the actors are more relaxed by then and tend to adlib a little; it is usually the best performance.

What I started out to say was how this old age thing seems to be sneaking up on me. It seems that on an escalating schedule it hits me that I am sliding ever more rapidly down the back side of the proverbial hill. Simple things like driving for a few hours seem to wear me out. This trip I tried one of those energy drinks, I may as well drank a glass of warm milk. Anyway, I refuse to stop, not to sound pompous; I hired a personal trainer a few months back. This has been the only thing that has helped a little. My energy level is a little better and my strength has come a long way; but alas, the aging process is still advancing upon me. Please wish me luck with it as I will do the same for you.


Tim May

Cherryville, N.C.



Foreclosed  and homeless




“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.”

I know what you are thinking – what dirty, but rotten godless socialistic liberal scumbag said this? Well, it was the champion of conservatives across the land, General Dwight D. Eisenhower on April 16, 1953 before the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Read that quote again; after all, President Eisenhower’s administration was during America’s Golden Years. Does today’s Tea Party rhetoric match these words?

In 2009, unemployment for the age bracket 16-24 year-olds was 19 percent, for the prime working years of 25-44 it was 19.7 percent. The highest figures since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking data in 1948. The Stimulus Fund was originally designed to go toward infrastructure improvements exclusively. Thanks to Republican obstructionism, only a portion did, hence robbing jobs from you.

In “U.S. Foreclosures May Rise to 3 Million This Year,” Jan 14, 2010 by Dan Levy, we see the free fall of the housing industry. Be thankful, Iowa’s Ted Miller is launching a nationwide investigation of robo foreclosures. The (Republican) 1994 Contract with America, created restrictions for legal assistance during foreclosures, Legal Services Corporation was banned from bringing class-action suits and prohibited from suing for attorney fees, allowing big banks to run appeal after appeal completely bankrupting claimants. According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, an estimated 1.5 million children are homeless in America, which is one out of five. With regret, Republicans and a portion of Democrats continue to support Big Business’ interest over the American citizen. The Fair Elections Now Act, H.R. 1826, would eliminate corporate funding in elections, preventing this.

Think before you vote, do you want the conservatism of Eisenhower, now represented by the Democrats, or do you want the Tea Party libertarianism of the Koch brothers, where wealth is righteous and death becomes the poor?


Anthony J. Gerst

Wapello, Iowa



National debt abyss




Our government is going to provide us with a golden opportunity to payoff our credit card debt with pennies on the dollar. With the federal budget deficit now running in excess of $1.5 trillion this year and increasing, the Obama administration’s own 10 year budget plan predicts that the national debt of the U.S. will exceed $25 trillion in 2019. This year the interest on our national debt will be about $400 billion. By using simple math, the interest expense in 2019 on our national debt of $25 trillion at an interest rate of 12 percent will grow to $3.0 trillion. Interest rates will dramatically increase following rating agencies downgrade of our sovereign debt to a junk rating.

At some total debt level (the debt abyss) a tipping point will occur when our government can no longer pay the interest which will cause the debt bomb to explode. You will not have to wait until 2019 for our sovereign debt default. The Federal Reserve is now being forced to partially fund our budget deficit using a scheme called quantitative easing (QE) which is a politically correct way to describe, “Creating Money Out Of Thin Air.” For example, QE was recently used to create $1.3 trillion to buy mortgage backed securities from banks.

With QE, inflation will gradually build up to a crescendo. The result is a crack-up boom when people realize the dollar is crashing and will frantically spend all their paper money in an attempt to exchange it for something of value. When that happens, credit cards can be paid off with 154 pre-1982 pennies per pound of copper that were accumulated long before the dollar collapse.


Robert A. Dahlquist

Orange, Calif.



Right to repair




The Engine Repower Council strongly supports the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act (S 3181/HR 2057) to protect each motorist’s right to patronize the auto repair facility of their choice.

The Right to Repair Act simply ensures that vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops have access to all the information necessary to accurately repair, repower or reprogram today’s modern vehicles. Without complete access to critical safety and repair information, motorists will be forced back to the dealer for service, which may not be convenient or easily accessible to the car owner. Right to Repair would not require car manufacturers to disclose their trade secrets and would not affect the dealer’s warranty agreement.

Engine repowering is an excellent option for many motorists because it extends the life of a vehicle and is good for the environment and the pocketbook. The Right to Repair Act fosters a competitive automotive repair industry where car owners, not car companies, decide who repowers or repairs their vehicles.

The Right to Repair Act has growing bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress. Please send a letter urging your members of Congress to support the Right to Repair Act by visiting www.righttorepair.org.


Ken Carter, Chairman

Engine Repower Council

Bethesda, Md.



Pull the plug on Granny?




With prospects of a Republican takeover of Congress, Libertarian Party (LP) Chair Mark Hinkle posed this question: “In order to balance the budget, where will the GOP pull the plug first: on Granny, or on foreign wars?”

Hinkle continued, “Of course, Republicans may have no serious intention of cutting federal deficits or spending, and their complaints about ‘out-of-control spending’ might be hypocrisy.”

Over 60 percent of federal spending is in three areas: Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and the military. It would be impossible to eliminate the federal deficit without cutting entitlements or military spending, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tea Party leader Dick Armey recently called Social Security a ponzi scheme.

Social Security is universal mandatory welfare for seniors. It’s very un-libertarian.

I suppose one way to maintain the Social Security scheme would be to rapidly grow the U.S. working population, such as by opening up our borders to increase immigration. However, Republican congressmen have tried to duck their responsibility for the bad economy by scapegoating illegal immigrants, so allowing a massive influx of immigrants is politically infeasible in the near future.

Each child born in the U.S. immediately faces a debt of over $40,000. Ironically, it might not be long before American youth start ditching this debt foisted on them by their parents and grandparents, and start leaving America in search of better opportunity abroad.

To make Social Security solvent as our population ages, the federal government either has to raise the tax, or cut the benefits. The last significant change to Social Security was a tax increase approved by Ronald Reagan. Libertarians favor cutting Social Security benefits, and we oppose tax increases. Libertarians would prefer to allow workers to opt out of Social Security. Perhaps entitlements can be cut gradually, rather than slashed abruptly, but that depends on taking action sooner rather than later.

On the October 17 ‘Fox News Sunday,’ I saw that Republican Senate candidate Cady Fiorina was repeatedly asked what parts of entitlements she would cut to balance the budget, and she repeatedly dodged the question.

The recent Republican ‘Pledge to America’ makes no mention of cutting entitlements or the military.

Republicans refuse to say where they would cut entitlement spending, and of course Republicans oppose cutting military spending or ending America’s foreign wars. Therefore, I’d say that Republicans are hypocrites who aren’t serious about solving the federal debt problem.

A video lampooning John Boehner and the Republican ‘Pledge to America’ was created by Travis Irvine, Libertarian for U.S. Congress in Ohio District 12.

Only Libertarians recognize that we can’t have it all for much longer. The longer Republicans and Democrats flush money down the toilet in Iraq and Afghanistan, the sooner the government will have to cut benefits for Granny. Of course, Congress may never have the courage to pass legislation to cut entitlements. In that scenario, Granny will eventually start experiencing ‘rolling blackouts,’ or perhaps a total system collapse.

Libertarians stand ready to cut spending across the board. Perhaps the question Granny needs to answer is, ‘Which do you love more: your Social Security check, or foreign wars?’


Wes Benedict, Exec. Director

Libertarian Party

Washington, D.C.







In a country built on the principles of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” how can what the people want be unconstitutional?

Why do 300 million people allow a handful of politicians and judges to take away their “unalienable rights?”

How can 9 people in the Supreme Court dictate to 300 million people?

What has to happen for the people to stand up and say “enough is enough?”

Only you can decide what is “enough” and what to do about it.

An American’s Manifesto:

It’s time for thoughts and words to turn into action, I don’t like the direction this country is going. It has gotten to this point by way of politicians who claim to have character and integrity. Though I’m no politician and have neither character nor integrity, j do seem to have some traits in common with them. I’ve told lies, lusted after money, women, and all that is ungodly. (Forgiveness is there for the asking; as I have done.)

I believe the Government is too powerful. Yet with all it’s power, you are not safe in your own home, Their lackluster attempt to protect the people from crime is a mockery to common sense. They complicate issues with their pompous agendas and you and I pick up the check, They concern themselves with reelection and cast their vote accordingly. What they have done to our constitution is reprehensible and generations of Americans (your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.) will struggle to repair the damage, if it can be repaired.

‘The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – Iest it come to dominate our lives and interests. “ – Patrick Henry

I believe taking powers away from the Federal Government and giving them back to the States is a simple solution. Allowing the States to govern themselves on many of today’s issues, without interference from the supreme court, would make political corruption, lobbyist and special interest groups more transparent. But, without involvement by the people our problems will continue, If “We The People” don’t hold our leaders accountable, then we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves, The silence and inaction of good people is the greatest impediment to justice.

Those who prosper by way of corruption will certainly be opposed to any change. Greed has imbedded itself into the American way, and contempt for right and wrong has followed.

I truly believe that nothing I say will matter. Ultimately, I am insignificant. My opinions are immaterial and my life is inconsequential. So Jet me be perfectly clear: I do not condone violence but will not condemn it in the name of freedom. Whether you are a public servant or part of some private enterprise, legal or illegal, which engages in activity counterproductive to society, you are the enemy of the people. Other than my freedom j have nothing to lose, I pray everyday that I have the strength to stay the course. Only time will tell.

“You can’t stop us on the road to freedom. You can’t keep us ‘cause our eyes can see.” – Van Morrison

Who are the enemies of the people? Who conspires to take away our unalienable rights? I tell you it is those who legislate the law, those who interpret the law, and those who enforce the law.

To you who enforce, I plead with you, you who protect and serve. Serve not a constitution that has the stench of corruption. Protect not those who profit from their legislation or their interpretation. Don’t let your loyalties be misguided. Let the will of the people be your beacon. Let the spirit of freedom guide your conscience, People are the reason.

Why would you protect those who strive to better themselves on the backs of the people  – those pompous few who care not about you and yours, only them and theirs? Who is it that pays the ultimate price for their narcissistic ways? And in thanks they give you Dress Blues, Low-Flying Flags. Bagpipes playing ”Amazing Grace,” and Twenty-One Gun Salutes.

Why won’t you stand, instead, for the people? Why, I ask, would you give so much, for so few, to have so much? A transformation is needed now. This is not debatable. You, who carry weapons and protect a system that doesn’t work: Know that time is not on your side. With you in support of the people conflict can be avoided. Without you I dare not think.

To those of you who interpret the law, when the will of the people becomes unconstitutional the Constitution becomes a dictator. Though it is not your responsibility to create legislation, you too are citizens of this nation, With your position it is up to you to insure that the interests of the people are best served. It is your duty to “establish justice and insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.” Your apathy towards this is disgraceful and will not go unpunished. like the Pharisee of old, most of you can’t see the light standing in front of you.

My contempt for you sitting on the bench is that you have the necessary knowledge, education, and ability to insure that our rights are upheld and our laws are used to strengthen our Republic. Yet, you use these attributes to serve yourselves. Being more dedicated to procedure and protocol than you are to justice. This is contemptible. To serve this Injustice is to create anarchy and will lead to your demise,

“Justice too long delayed is justice denied ... Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere ... Whatever affects one directly affects elf indirectly. .. History is the long and tragic story of the fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily.” – MLK

To you who legislate, by your legislation the Constitution has become a tyrant. We are where we are because of you. There is no justification for your blind partisanship. You are not Americans. You are Democrats and Republicans. “In order to form a more perfect union, II you have established a platform for your own wellbeing. Shame on you! You who place party above the people. In fact you are public enemy number one. Your lack of concern for the American people is nothing short of treason. Decades of apathy have brought us to the doorstep of the next American revolution. Be not confused, revolution is at hand and you are its reason.

Your ability to complicate the simplest of legislation is consistent with your inability to lead this country. Your philosophy on protecting the American people is flawed and inconsistent with the times. Your tolerance of those determined to exploit our weaknesses is incomprehensible. Your very existence stains the fabric of a democratic society.

God, Country, and the People have no place in your agenda. With the aid of the media, who edit the news, you have become corrupt to the extent that it is business as usual. You, with such power to do good, are instead subverting our very roots and undermining the core values of our Constitution, You should be hung from the highest tree.

“ ... governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it ;s the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

Something must be done, so “that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom and that this government Of the People, By the People and For the People shall not perish from the earth. “ – Abraham Lincoln


William Henry Nolan, Jr.


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell




On July 8th, 2010 I wrote this;

“To my beloved United States Military leaders, The Two problems with ‘Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell are; 1. Gay soldiers used it to get out of wartime deployments. 2. Soldiers who ‘outed’ (told on) other soldiers had no fear of repercussions for ‘telling’! Want to see how a repeal would be? Halt all pending UCMJ actions and return all soldiers to their units! And, immediately implement a ‘NO ONE ASKS and NO ONE TELLS policy! In six month, you’ll know just how well repealing the law will work! To those fighting to repeal ‘Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell’, If you’re going to fight for it, you need to live it! So, I expect all of you in uniform soon after it is repealed! If repealed, DON’T BE HYPOCRITICAL! If you are not willing to serve in the military after fighting for it’s repositioning, then you need to find another cause to fight for and leave this one alone!”

 Well, ABC News reported today that the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the United States Military, told Democrat leaders to put Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the War Funding bill to dare Republicans to fillabuster it! So today I add this -

To the Congress of the United States;

I could give a *&^%$# - *&^%$#@ - *&^% if you repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But when you sneak repealing it into a War funding bill (like last time), and when the “Commander in Chief” tells Democrats to put Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in a War funding, bill knowing fool well that Republicans will vote NO on it - now you’re playing with the safety of, the security of, and the ablity of every Military person to do their job! To everyone that has someone serving in the United States Military -

Remember who played politics with the money the would cover the supplies you loved one needs to do their jobs effectifvely, and the paycheck they sacrifies so much for so that you can handle the business here at home!!

Just imagine! Your loved one and 35 of their friend dying on a hillside in Afghanistan because they ran out of bullets to defend themselves! What will you accept as the reason?

The Republicans voted NO on the War Funding bill?

OR - The Republicans voted NO on the War Funding bill because the Democrats put Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the bill to bypass a debate about the issue?

With this Congress - it could happen!

Let’s HOPE to CHANGE this Congress!


Carl ‘BIG SARGE’ Austin




A CPA for Comptroller?




I ask readers to take a closer look at the Illinois Comptroller’s race this year, because there is something very different about it this time around.   There is actually a qualified candidate running for the position!

My name is Julie Fox. I come to the Comptroller’s race with financial experience in both the public and private sectors.  I am a Certified Public Accountant.  I have worked as a Controller in the private sector for over 12 years.  I am also the former Treasurer of the Dundee Township Library District Board.  I am the only CPA running for Comptroller.  In fact, I am the only accountant running for this top accounting position in the state! 

While it’s not inappropriate for Comptroller candidates to discuss how they would reduce state spending, their main focus should be on what they can do to make the Comptroller’s office run more efficiently and effectively.  The Comptroller does not determine how the money is spent, rather, the Comptroller’s main duties are reporting state revenues and expenditures, signing checks, and managing the books. 

I am the only Comptroller candidate who is focusing directly on the duties of the Comptroller’s office and how they can be improved upon.  I am the only candidate with an auditing background who has experience working with financial controls and can ensure that we have such controls set up in the Comptroller’s office to reduce the risk of fraud and waste.  I am the only Comptroller candidate with a background in accounting software management, experience that will help ensure we set up our systems so that the Comptroller’s office is no longer producing checks that are not worth the paper they are printed on. 

I am the only candidate for Comptroller with expertise in financial reporting in both the private and public sectors.  I am the only one who can – and will - expose the inadequacies and inaccuracies of the state’s current system of financial reporting.   I will work in whatever way I can to make sure that Illinois residents are receiving an accurate view of the state’s current financial position through the Comptroller’s office.  I am also the only candidate who can work independently, owing no allegiance to members of either major political party.

The Comptroller doesn’t determine policy, so why is that the only thing my Republican and Democratic opponents are talking about?  The answer is simple -- that’s all they know to talk about! 

The Comptroller’s position, similar to those of Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, is a job in the public sector and it should be treated as such.  We expect our Attorney General to be an attorney.  We should expect our Comptroller to be an accountant!


Julie Fox

Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Comptroller