John Miller to Challenge Robin Davis for Treasurer


The one county-wide office that is guaranteed to be contested in the November election is that of Knox County Treasurer. Former County Board member and insurance salesman John Miller is running as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Robin Davis. He responded to a few questions about why heÕs challenging Davis.


1.  What was your principal motivation in deciding to run for County Treasurer?


My principal motivation for seeking the office of Knox County Treasurer is to serve the people of Knox County to the highest standards of my ability. I believe that my leadership skills, knowledge of fiscal management, and my knowledge of Knox County Government duties and responsibilities qualify me to serve as Treasurer of Knox County.



2.  How would you evaluate current County Treasure Robin DavisÕs performance?


A true evaluation of the Knox County Treasurer is based on accomplishments, financial savings to Knox County, and the ability to work with all citizens, committees, and departments within the county. As Treasurer of Knox County I would strive to succeed in improvements in all areas of the TreasurerÕs office.



3.  What are some specific changes you would like to make in the TreasurerÕs office?


As Treasurer of Knox County, I would:

¥    Meet regularly with all department heads to review the progress of their budgets on an individual basis

¥    Have an open door policy for all of the citizens of Knox County in order that they may express their concerns regarding the budget and finances of the county

¥    Invest all monies of Knox County at the highest possible interest rate



4.  Clearly Knox County has been suffering financial hard times for at least the last five years. Do you believe this will change for the better or worse in the near future? Why? Are there some policy changes you believe will help improve the countyÕs financial health and management?


I believe that the financial hard times that have taken place in our county will lessen as we move forward. With new facilities, new jobs, and more opportunities to purchase products and services, I believe that Knox County will regain its economic strengths.


All expenses have gone up in Knox County, as they have in our own households. As treasurer I will always encourage each department to live within their budgets. The policy changes that I would implement are:

¥    Input from all departments

¥    Develop goals and objectives for all materials and supplies


5.  What do you think is the proper role of the Treasurer in formulating the county budget, in overseeing county spending, and in dealing with the county board?



The treasurer has the responsibility to:

¥    Provide the Knox County Board with current revenues and expenses for the formation of the county budget

¥    Offer suggestions that may assist the Knox County Board in formulating the budget

¥    Keep the Knox County Board informed on a monthly basis of current income and expenses

¥    Offer suggestions on how the budgeting process can be improved



6.  Are you in favor of the hiring of a county administrator? Would you like to see the administrator handling county purchasing? Should the administrator be responsible for any duties now handled by the Treasurer?


I am in favor of hiring an administrator. The Knox County Board will employ the administrator in the ways that they see fit — overall purchasing may be one of those ways. The treasurerÕs office has distinct duties. The administrator does not have the authority to perform those duties.



7.  How would you assess the current level of cooperation between the County Clerk and County TreasurerÕs offices? Can you describe any ways of improving this?


Full cooperation between the TreasurerÕs office and ClerkÕs office is a must in order to benefit the Knox County citizens. Good communication between the two is an ongoing process and can always be improved upon.



8.  Is the current staff, equipment, and facilities of the TreasurerÕs office adequate? Are there specific needs/changes you would address?


The treasurer has a budget for the department. Accountability for managing that budget is important, as is the efficient and effective utilization of the staff. New technology is always changing. Therefore, constant updating to make the operations of the office as efficient and effective as possible will always be an ongoing goal.