Observations of an Alien

Mitakuye Oyasin

My favorite hobby is observing people. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they make no sense at all. Occasionally, it is painful to watch them flounder. Too often, they are boringly predictable, especially when they try to be different by being the same as everybody else. Backward baseball hats I have never understood. Neither do I understand the meaning of their Bluto chin hairs. But in watching people, I have made some observations and raised some questions that I would like to share with you.

On the Family --

Have you noticed how people out there keep trying to paste together a bad marriage?

If they've been living together they get married to keep from admitting their mistake.

Then they buy a different house.

They get a dog. Then they buy new furniture, new carpet, and exile the dog to a chain or a pen, where he is often ignored.

A new baby will fix it.

Any of the above, together with a new car, may be retried until they get no more blips in the flat-line.

Then they get a divorce

On Children --

You can't make appointments for quality time with a child. The moment is there and then passes, and if the parent is gone,so is the moment.

MagazIne covers in the grocery store, movies, television, and the Internet all reach out to the fertile minds of young children and teach them that women are lusty, over-sexed exhibitionists. Then we hear tongues clucking when a 10 year old becomes a rapist or a l2 year old girl gets pregnant. As I see it, America is guilty of sexual abuse.

I have never known an adult who was at peace with the idea that he or she was dumped as a baby -- even if the adoptive parents were kind and loving, which is not always the case. One young man told me he searched for and found his biological mother, and she told him she gave him up so that he could have steak instead of beans. He replied, tearfully, ''I would rather have had beans.''

The biggest beneficiary of America's wealth and hi-tech existence is the pornography business in all of its forms. The biggest casualty is the family, and that means America's children are footing the bill.

On Society --

We are experiencing an increase in the number of people who not only repeatedly break the law, but then fail to appear in court at the appointed time. Lack of respect for authority is pandemic, beginning at home, then school, then society at large. This lack of respect is the price that society pays when individual rights and freedoms are protected to the detriment of the general welfare. When too many individuals get carried away with their own rights and freedoms, anarchy is not far away. Then, like it or not, rights and freedoms are abridged.

We may need gun control, but we need people control more.

The more civilization there is, the less people act in a civil manner.

At last count, there is more to fear from rabid people than from rabid dogs.

For all of its great accomplishments, mankind is never more than one generation away from Godlessness.

Why is this richest of all generations also the most selfish?

Where I live, it is evident that it takes no brains to reproduce or have a dog.

When the Pilgrims landed, all they feared were the Indians, and they didn't have to fear them. We have to fear angry school kids and their bratty parents.

In these days of psycho-babble, high self-esteem has become a euphemism for narcissism.

As the computers are getting smarter, the people are getting dumber.

No one is responsible for choices they make today. Everyone is just a victim.

Tell me if this makes sense to you. Great legal minds have decided that separation of church and state prohibits sermonizing and public prayers in or on government properties; but there is no separation of hate and state to keep Matt Hale from spewing his vile bile in or on these same properties.

And finally, the best argument against White Supremacy is the people who espouse it.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online March 14, 2000

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